Ravens Over Reno

Ravens corralling the pigeons
in groups behind the theaterThe dirt lot across the street

An ominous caw as the telephone
pole becomes the mast of a boat

The converse or inverse picture
of ravens scavenging a fallen bison
at Yosemite whilst’ a bear atop

The same ravens in size
the same over the Sierra

A raven sick from the city has
trouble with his caw over the Laundromat

Another raven dances away from me
yet not flying off; near the bank
across from Smart and Final where
I shop

Harmless Ravens as I have called

been here for years

Always marching along making
friends with the seagulls and
keeping the pigeons to groups

Cawing outside my window early in
the morning keeping the Baltimore sun

A constant stance on the corner of
buildings and at the top of telephone
showing their strength over the other birds

Come see the ravens from Yosemite,
the few that have ventured so far

The Truckee Meadows
Home to the ravens without spite
corvas corax



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