Dear Luv,

I want to feel
your silver legs
surrounding my
water heart as I
force my touching
lips onto yours.

Then I will stroke
and kiss your left
thigh and snuggle
on your lap.
My hands will
entwine yours as…
as I suck your
lips like fresh water.
I taste spurious
salt on your tongue
and dream into your
chest… your drawers.
that is your heart and
My eyes slip
into your hand
as I move the air
away from a distance
that is between us.
Color floats our
Thoughts to the twang
below our waists
and glove thighs
and between hips
The scent is pure
color and apricot
flavor. I am not
full from your kiss
or your breath in
mine… My move for
your kiss and touch
is only jaded in
my moods of iron
and wood made strong
and lovely.
My hands are
small to caress your
breasts and my stay
is in the eyes green
and purple –without


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