day two

Amphitrite the blond like Hellen holds demure brightness
Hasperis the mother of Sappho and her red hair
Hercules and his muse in a play with Asia
The gods Amphitrite, Hasperis, Asia, and Hercules on stage
Lori, my life, not a play, not a god, … woman
Lori, (but) a lori, married immortal to a memory
Friends with Helen in my school Lori’s desire flew
I forgot Narcissus in the play; he believes me…
The god Narcissus is a museful fighting with Hercules

Today I saw Hera’s muse and saw Hera’s fight
Hera didn’t speak to me from her angry sise
Confide, abide, probably Aphrodite’s pride, was not to hide
Atlas’ wife, called Climeen, spoke to me trustful today
Alays Adonis and how I forget his naked look
A weaker god the other gods are very amazed
Aphrodite finds this memory far too teasing
Aphrodite’s wife finds me trapping cursed beings in book

Hermes called his message on me today, unfriendly then
Always about jealousy with him he mentioned Hellen’s Troy
His bemused me with my uncontrite life of me
Hesperis also teased me today with Hasperis very life
Everyone says Sappho is my plight and my uncontrite
Another issue to assuage is Hector’s muse himself today
Longing for Aphrodite I speak Sappho’s spurning me
I hold Dika’s picture close to my broken heart
Dika, I will bring anise (for) your short hair blond


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