Galium Arsinide or Apple

The word is wrong again

And I can’t spell the




The verbage is hard to

Find in the track of heart


The time is muted gone and

Missing embarrass


I assume the Angel Vex and

Hexagonal gong for boingo


The thritn vice is Jim’s

For the breaking of dust and



Eness is a pretty girl to be

sure of rhyme and hue-mane


The tack of me is my

Turkish blame of want and

Wanton I become of hue


The Apple is skin and pectin

Cover of knowledge death


To make cyanide from the crushed

Seed is the power of muse


Lastly first: is her creed

My calm is kind and time


The sitting tree is for she

And the love is three


By the by is my life a

Transient dull for movement of

Futress future


Balk and base on balls

The triad system is

there and here


Allow the pun to be-come

The heat of the desireless lust

or attraction plus


The view is beauty or a

Not lust of pretty pale eyes


Forward the male to an Add

Bible thump of Jack and Jill

Who will go up the hill

On Blue Valley


The suprise of having cake

And eating your pie r‘ squared



Heaven is thusly a transparent

Hue of you is heaven


In the verdant triangle is the

Beauty of sex and wife


An Ester glance for the Nazarene

Of an older wife in his age-knot

The rock of metaphor church, but

an attack of life on christ


I have pierced him with life of

Woe, man and easy time


Supplicate to the spear meter

Of deca-hydra metre


Shake snake rattle and roll Y

ou read this to make the tray



The rhetoric parabola is a

Taoism paradox of pheneme –



The h becomes an el and the

Hell is lehh


But para-doxology is the rule of

Candid fate

The response to the letters


Why are you taking a bite?

Is it one bit in your mouth?


Dualities invert and make the love

Modernity was born in an oven to

be sure


Descartes was there laying in the

oven with bread and wine spirit


Where is the new wine the

Vagrant cried and whined hue


For his penny lost is a whole



For his life lost is his cost

of betrothed betray and health


Support the ragamuffin’s health

With bread and wine

“Hey brother can your spear a



The reason one wrote a writing

rhyme of wrote tongues with



Who will fail you apple of

Your eye- the eye


And who will hue you to

another cry tear. . .tear


Rhetorical vice of translucent



Why musty the muse anymore?

The solution is math’s and

Polymath heart of fate


My apple tree is for the

Sun and moon to declare right



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