Incarnation of Vishnu is a heady sight. I mean in the most real terms she is Hari and her mate is the boy carrying the bow and arrow. She lives across the way. The lotus opens its petals there in the land that is hers. She along with time and a complementary man is Vishnu. She is beautiful with silver blond hair. She vexes and is vexed by her life of blood. She is almost like Shiva but not at all. She is Hari and like the prince boy Buddha- Vishnu fulfills the white horse. Kalki is the white horse the tenth incarnation fo Vishnu and he is the payer of sins to the sinner.

The sinner is paid his due regardless of the law and the degree that he has. All points on the wheel must be paid or Kalki (so I am told) will crush the soul of the accused. Hold Kalki the payer of debts so that the sinner may receive payment. The life of rebirth after these events is the new birth of Hari. The boy king is the model of the king. Hold the break and the light for the time for Ramayana is due. I know the building where she holds the light. I am afraid to approach her and her mate. She is Ramachandra and he holds the weapons. The discus and the club are his weapons, the lotus and the shell are hers. To approach the tree would make me afraid. This is my vision of Vishnu.


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