Oh Commander of My Captain

Michael corps of life
Is the pressed heart

Buttress your soul
With plient needs

I was the once and
Only to make whom

Of the readus vision
the life is consistant and
Aphorstic to boot

Will spring of the boy
To sea in the yellow boat
Under water is the plus

the marble is bet like
a muse in the winter

Small is the torgue that
Uses the special manna

To express the mouth is
the poets dress. The emperor
Has a whole wardrobe
in his house.

Blacken the tar to page
The muse is in his seed to
Deny soul and spirit
Add the refreshed cup

The life is water and dream
Of death is the dream of life

The image wants
Death dream of man

Fir is there is an is
And a word to spell,
I am less lit than
A Sarah home
Of brick spirit

An accent of life and
A bearing of kind hearts
Without I am bought.

If f then f. F therefore
structure of the duality
dualism and inversion
Auden for Yates and Owen

The Lowell list and Latham
Dye that is cast Terra

Lack the spliced thought
of loam and plant

These are the dreams of
Elephants and Bulls-


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