The Panda is Lost

Look, Look and I can’t find the Panda. He is lost; the boy
will never forgive me for the Panda lost.

I can’t tell the boy the Panda is lost. Could the Panda be
with another boy held in love and cherished with kindness,
‘Oh I hope- I hope.

the Panda cost is too great                    ‘the boy will never forgive.’
hold the time if could find the Panda

the boy truly loved the Panda. Can he be found? Dress me
today and I will go and greet the great boy with news of
this loss.

Will he cry and make the world shake; ‘Oh, no, he would
never be that mean. He is the boy.

Build me a city and offer it to anyone who has the Panda.
Grant the oceans and the wind and make the benefactor a
robe spun of cashmere.

Gold thread, silk, and embroidered jewels, because he has foudn the Panda.

Call for one who can find the Panda. Is there a man or
child with knowledge to find the Panda.

The boy is to speak:’Miss Sarah.’ Quiet, silence, hush
the voice, the boy is to speak declared Miss Sarah.

“Miss SArah, did I lose the Panda?”

“Why yes you did lose the Panda, and we have been searching high and low and far.”

“I feel very sad Miss Sarah. I guess, I must love my Teddy Bear.”

They boy did not cry. And the world did not shake. The
Panda is not lost.


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