I hope you will handle this

Her I am to sleep and dream.

The transition of life leaves
me to acknowledge love.

Love is not a supra-phenominal
signs that speak.

No one has yet declared
love on my heart/clay.

The dawn has treats for
a poor life.

Help us, the time of times-

Daniel, where is the gold to give?

It is in a sign on the
road of Reno.

Yes, believe the road
to he query.

He is dumbfounded and
mute of the signs – leaders?

What can I say from my
ink – a rent maybe of oil.

To live with yin standing
is to prove spirit/tense.

Seven signs on this road,
More on the other roads.

Take the stroll to the bay,
a run on strange places.

Angels are pulling on the
reigns of an Old World.

This word – this time- proves
peace and her power.

The danger is mute when
I see the signs.



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