Tell the wind to quiet Wisdom’s name;
Bring the luck of life;
Bath heart in spirit;
Let the trade winds cast a wreath;
Call a mystic eye on the world;
Take me to the foot of life;
Show me more and more;
Give me the world an over-under thunder;
Deliver love to love and violence to violence;
hold the pearl of great price;
Announce parables to children;
Greet the peace in heart;
See blues and greens fill the world;
Attract me to a stream in heart;
Ransom me into life affairs;
Reduce the worlds to smoke onto mirror;
Quiet the angels around her bracelet;
Scuttle the craft onto my shoal of life;
Watch the sea become violent;
Never forget the love of past;
Take the past to restore futures;
Eat kindness and solitude for fitness;
Find a journey and take love;
ration the woes of man to history;
The reward of time and merit.


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