Am I broadsided by another,

Can these signs of displacement
reprove peace to all mankind?

Canary antics are mind – even
Positivism behest my play.

The tag is an original
word of life.

Come to my verse writ.

Tests on my brow are
mine and not his.

Bring  me to a perfect
life of no pain.

My sign is gone to you,
to read lost.

watch my writ flow through
your life of water.

Nothing moves to this
neat of terse.

I am blanche and pale.

Going to shape my mind
on this paper.

Cars are not sold to
the vehicle desire.

My father is knowing
my life as hard and alone.

I love you –

Calm the mist units of
Come wonder at my door?

Change us to a powerful
reason of no guns shot.

All that hear my silent
written notes are alone.

Come to nothing – is my


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