I will not move from Reno-
the place of stall signs

Control is here over sex
and The Madonna.

What do I do to gin
this frown.

I have to frown to
show, but for a clown

Must I go on with these
short-brakes and shock.

This town you’ve hone too

From my screen of thoughts
being made of light.

My Genesis is grown on
a vine left swinging.

Register your complaint with

-Steps long and hard-

Desire for beauty and love.

I’m it to be, and for it.

Listener of my muse and think.

Think from the sentence and
jewels will fall.

Hournal of love and stroke
comes to knowledge.

The figure of distant light
is a cold murmur of fear.

Often asked the query of

Come to my mind as
lost with heart.

Caught by the sensor-


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