Enchanted Klimt Time

I’m talking to a animal Boy,
a Id is hid in the head,
the island,
the mountain waits in the Agean –
Hey’ are we tied to frames of

Is the correlative of desire
The wiles of woe to a man,
or can the reality of love
Subjugate to a vote?

Wedding to (handfast) for her and her,
is hanfasting (marriage) for him and him:
The choice is the group in consent with
their appointed love.

Connotation of a reasoning Father,
God of all, for us to make the call
in ‘our time’. Without…
without the weirdness of idolotry
In it’s conscious sense.

Keep calling sex a Greek religion!

Sex is not darkness to the soul,
but a sharing of life and connection
of souls to love

We are not living to Pergumm – Asia Minor

We are in the Last Days of L’America
– give or take a thousand years-

Of love and sex to purge
This age of hate and dire
Disease to the mind and
Body… It can be done.


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