Why have I never had a chance for love?
Is it the ugliness of my soul, yes it must
The tired feeling

It is so much to feel the pain
nothing in my mind but the words

tic tic tic is it three o’clock
show me a bird and throw me a

The elephant was sown by the bird
The skunk bud plant was growing
The father is on the Packers
Football is John’s father

Is the Raider by Ralph and his
Na,e is heart and life is final
Scream me a pitch in my last breath

Hold the poet with the wet blanket
The girl reads Hewlett something
Ann this is your God and pure
Spirit I saw it read from my emotion

Spur me on to another love so that
Diane can read my crutch
Another beat is the music I play
I told you that music is seen

Well what did he say and how did;
He make love in my heart of George.
This is her sight in my words of alone.

Tractylic is my latter and the best
Is it better to see me read the test
The key is in the soul break me down
Save the world or read from top to Dante.

Sigh in my life for me is the deaf ear
It is sold in me like the Dramimine
T.v. is token totem for the child dream
Do you doubt the psychology, this is reason

Is the season for the child, now he is three
Is reason do I spell grammar, rip corollary
She is loved in the life of death
It is ready for me to live in nothing


I ask you trance as you read me know there
is function in reason and not knowledge.
The story is for Andrew
You are so vain Nicomachus.

Reynaud’s phenomena is my problem
My hands get cold -purple and gold
The blood is red watch it pour
Who was there does not worry

Who can hold the chance for love?
Does Terra read while sleep is rest?
She does not know what is in my hand?
This is written with no words of reason

Load me the dice and show me Jack
I know the light and the perspective
Who are you that I should stay?
Is camping Illegal in this state?

I wish to convey my deepest apologist;
It can’t be over with the dismal slow
Words and prefixes, your ideas a heat
Slow down in the practice of life

Read righting and rithamtic are the
three R’s. Slow down the heat in the
echo of Hades – I feel it in my past

For the mercury that I know 1+1=2
I wonder the print if it loads

Signature the sign with a change in
pace. First you look for form then,
the spirit’ confuses – no one.


The bank sees to have the Spiraline
Climb to the top of the council
Sing the clear ease of no rhetoric
This poet and long for you

I love you till I sleep tonight
He is against me to die to love
What is this to me and you?
I know a little of the Home


Two trees on I cut
One pear and one plumb
Apricot on the hill
Adam ate from the apple tree

Shown for the real appetite
Banter of David on the phone
She will never leave the man

He is her law even though the
Quaternity will rise from its

I know its over I have
Seen the psychology, the
pictures are great: you
should see the one of Steffan
and me.

We were little kids
On the fire place
Holding peace high
The world stops

The unsure of heart
The slow process of time
Give my hear a Chance please


Will you call me to give me cheer?
I only want to hear your voice
He will not let you talk to me

I love you too much to disagree
You like to see him happy
Is that so important – love

I kissed her she is the last
Terra is the last
Who was before her in cast?
The wheel of logic rides
On thought of dream

Vanishing in the buildin’
I guess my name meant nothing
I have no answer for my heart
I tell it to be quiet

I say heart be alone forever
SSShhhhsssshhh quiet you have
to be alone –

I will buy a house tomorrow
The last home will be good
The poem is loner
Tape see it connect the two

How is this so can I test
Show the binary on the list
Go to run on the Pascal

You say you have a new
Language is on the echo
Words of the spies heart

How is the girl his only
The wish is in the form
of life


Sea the computer relax
It does not move unless
It is love. Move money,
the press poured money.

Another security council,
the meeting was long and
hard. How many memories?

Signal the broadcaster on
my chance at love and heart
Lets spit on him with love

Please show how to love,
The loneliness does not stop
I can’t handle the feelings
Show me the heat of love

How does life feel for me
Do I show anything right?
Do I help to write good?

Skiing is what I like to do
Why don’t you love?
you don’t love him, I see it
In your eyes

Escape to the fulltime sleep
Neutrino research is now
Too deep how will they word?
What they say for the Movie

I thought I could meet
Maybe she would have shown
Love me, can you spare a dime

She goes to Yale or School
I think the college was Pierson


Terra and the word will dream
Clinging to a nothing
he is vain as wisdom
Like the tree he curses

See repeat and love in heart
I will love till the sky falls
Chicken little is home in church

Send me an aphorism that clips
Greet my prose with terra
If I love hold me in contempt
Contempt for pain and name

Shelter me from the enemy of vanity
Arnon holds her like a doll
Too mast r ate on her is he
No love to show, but sex to go

Break free from blithe and woe
Take a pledge and this is obligation
The mark of a good man is obedience
The animal likes the money of obedience

Follow the Gold the 666 talents
Solomon had this every year
Come for wisdom and not for Gold
Money is the root of all

I have to pay with spite
I will break the angel
With ancient rite bind spite
Marriage is the tool
This fight is trope.

Cling with the words
The clouds tell the story
Billowy Billowy Pop
If you read that poem
You’ll learn a lot


See the Wyanakookian
I wrestled John
Sign me up for the draft

My heel was pierced
Now the idea of Hades
Comes to real and ‘idea’
Hellen never fought

See the words he real
The alien mind is real
Come to the world of mind
This is heaven and real

Signal me another root
It is you to tear
Do you love nothing still
He is your favorite pill

Take another feel the shrill
Fate of ethic and moral pill
Sign the bill and move its art
The budget wants the $304000000

So is this the truth of light
Clinging to blind tales of fights
Crying on pain of Venice
She hates me.

Feel sad that there is nothing
i have nothing she is nice
She tales of I can’t have
Shrug on me I can’t fight

System is down must kill daimon
The evil is in his name kill
the live evil is his reflex
Scripted from before I was born

Why has none become the only one
Dry the newsprint before the ink
Old bridges are cold with time.


Call me or see me die
Drop the nothing and live
Kill the bird on a stick

Sitting on the forest is a man
Cold heart and bold spirit
I will hold the tree anew

Vince buzzed in sleep
The computer language
Change his diaper
He could not smell

Viper snipe chord or snake
Single words and fate
Try the place Panda hates

The nothing reads the book
Thinks it will cook the bird
Cobal is language man
He isn’t even fluent

I know an infinite dialect
In the Crystaline Logarithm
Show me false to the harry bird
Mankind’s mean are words of love

Slip me into the build house
For the eternity of a moment
This has been done in the infinite
Try it again on the plane of real

No on will love
You’ve proven this to me

If you prove me wrong
Save a soul from Hell
Short life and thistle plight


Cast the shadow on limits of design
The sun will not rise tomorrow
The moon will be in waning The clouds will see

Save me before the next verse
Too late you’ve made your mind
intent has moved faster than you
This is my fate –

Why is my not mine and yours?
Who is my nothing?
Do I write this in vain?
Who am I to live?

I love you Sarah!
This is my mind and always
See your strength and grant boldness.
Take a stand on love of clouds –

The love of clouds proof was solved
IN the year 2478 light made token totem
See the reason for my hesitation.

I see the hem of the skirt and spirit race
My heart in action as the mind keeps pace
Listen to my body with little taste
See my hands cold with face
Do you cry for the nothing place?

He will bring you down to tear
City lights and birds of flight
Zoroaster and Murphy’s law
Thales and Diotima are greek

Trite tast tame tempest time tic toc
List love like light last
Come covet city clergy


Whales and Mollusks are here
Dolphins and desire are hers
She has decided to take the boy
Leave the nothing selfish

I heard the boy speak to me twelve
He is better than us
The child is too bold for courage
The truth is too bold for courage

The little child sleeps as the rain reigns
See the plough stir the soil and till

Held in canopy of this world is another
One built on ‘idea’ of world Hades is one
Hell another, both tacit and mind
But only mind to be overcome in heart

The series is tonight with A’s and C’s
The reds and the oaks little Johnny read
See the pile of perfect seed in vice

Iw ill love none other this is thrice
I will kiss none other this is choice
I will have no other Meredith

See the poem live in the heart of cloud
Seed the sky with words of love and dot
The last was not added but the world died

I need your love, can you Grant a life?
I want your love can your leave me trope
Signature my heart with yours
Fit me into your spirit lovely heart

I will die for you and hold you near
Love is my excuse for life and fear
I will use no other but mind of tear
He died with pierced ear


I want you so much it hearts his tear
See him lapse as you make the swear
Bite him on the clock and see him die
The chicken’s head was cut off

Mild and meat is not too neat
The old and virtue was his seat
The tent of meeting was the ark
I know this tribe It holds park

Marianne played on the swing with David
She ran and ran and ran and     ran tired
Lift me another to see this boy
He is the best of the kind I know him

Listen to the globe spin and don’t notice
See the hard of hearing see and the bold
I have never read the crass hate
Treated as bait for hate

Every dog has his day to lose
I have never won at the game I play
The game Love Love Love please

I wish I could see your smile
The life of reason and hope

Why does memory see the cove,
The dimmer of light with kelp
And sunset of dream friend

We can’t be
I saw his envy.




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