I reach for the stars
I think I have failed

Thought has made the para
Doxology is the rythm

My core bet is 58
Initial my name  smug

File me I’ll hit back
Shake my hand and I’ll wince

Pain is my fear of the politic
Scuttlebutt and log rolling

Bureaucracy and the trinity
Lots of scab and drab economic

Harmony point to harmony point
Earthquake triad, where is the   release

Smelt the universe over crackers
Did you notice the occlusion

Don’t worry I followed
The rythm

I treat everyone Christian
Obliging hearts and minds

Serving only my heart
Felt like I died t’ is morn’

Quiet while your ahead WAyne
Garble and tongue is clue

My note of trope lost hue
Credit Sarah and Sarai math

Victor and name and mouthpiece
The hand is my football

Rock and Roll and Peter Case
To the Berkeley Square Dance

Time square the average mean
Wall Street and the L’ll Waldorf

I thank you Tramp or your lack


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