Lost Ring

On the ring is a hoop
Special and distant dream

We will meet in a thousand
Weeks to hold the soul cold

Where is this Cain of marriage
The rose of lavender spun

I am weak to give the pine
Weep and tear to eyes

Bleed the heart a tangent
Curve to never touch

The mind of heart and just
Passage of time to the week

A date with Meredith in
A thousand weeks

I will store a thousand rings


On the rung the ring is
the steel heart of quid pro quo
Political ease of marriage met

For you is the hard and cast
Rung of non-love spool of love
Circles of metal and tint

Diamond onyx and quartz opal
The fuscha light is lit lite
forest hue green verdent

Speckled trap of love debt
The copts are elite lit-rate
And the moment is lost

Most of the wedding is cost
Payment of trivial dress
The clothing is water robe

Red respect a poor man’s heart
The mind meets the heart
Fate faith is the juxt

Who can oppose the ring
With its bright gleam and shin
The cost is love heart


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