Houses, Streets, letters, and Aids


I ignored the night
I ignored the day
This is my stay

My words, my text
Of heart is dismay.
Where is my offense?

To man and his
Life of chance tote
I ask the couched
Thought of man correct.

Correct the blue sky of tangent thoughts
That make my leer.
Of dream this is.

A life’s pursuit left
of love the sigh – returns
of love lost fair.

Notes of trope and small
Emote are dickens to

A feel of hair and lite
Products that sell time
and buy chance.

Another rung on Pergamum’s
Ladder to marry a ewe,
And I love.


Sometimes the birds sing
Songs that have lost-time;
only, this long, this long: a
Flight a life.

The method of strip
Comes from the celery
Stick (and crunch) food
That resounds in mouth
as food on thought

The jasper is lark
of sky mood coo

A pendulum swings
In quarters of measure
To show the time.

A broken bar is the
Echo. The last flight

Is fought on the page
Dispersed to the crowd.
Another quiver of stance
on the breast of love.

Merit the shoe and his
delivery of wrote-bus
And tantrum-thrust.

Kick and cleft of mind
In his pen, Shote
That is…


Another taken sold on the
Nominal market, nominalism
and Meister Eckhert move
Mystic hours.

When the trump plays
The hand we will fall
to a Mash plan; no,
Not war can, but a hand.

Must I review Shote again?
The bullet is killing; and
the pistol is Aristotelian.

Causes and synchronicity
Of anthropological “evil”
Will the moon of Phoebe.

Satire of an electrical
Metaphor in our breast;
all points move abreast.

Conjure and conjoin Shote
To another fever of mind.
My pen is for the unknown
moon around Phoebus.

The name of the moon comes
from you and yours –
A child raiment of light terse.


To process in your sleep
Of the date and time
Mon D. november fourth

Yes, a battle rhyme on the
Violence of the remasculine.
Remask your selves in the
chord of your mind.

Each stance is the often
and never ploy of a desperate
Soul to make me whole.

His test, my answer, a
Reprieve of life. Rape the
Life of Rapture firstfruits is
The foal of the third moon.

Some say the excluded-
middle, others, the pen
Of Shote, I say Phoebe.

The third moon has an
Address. Although, the
rhyme is real wood, it is
A green vacancy.

University Terrace


A word for Phoebe:
Come to my heart and
Move with me in these

The mind is ill with a
Quartered repose from the
Ephesian Cord and owner.

The master is not in
Today; ’twas told to the
Rapture host.

They are the robes calling
Out, can hear it, “repose,
Repose the heart.”

An ease read and a day
To saunter the street
On hustle malasia

Synchratic, Socratic, pedantic,
A boor to you and me,
Who skipped Ephesus?

Salem, and the NEw City
Of Places, and murder
of small lives.
The abstraction is the third
Moon’s prize.


Bring her to me, the vandal
Of my irony, a respite is
My due.

Catch as catch-can the
Muddle of rain and Gold.
What can Shote pour
me, on my life?

A pause on the inflective
Of life. Mean sharp invective
Repeat the pun of Phoebe.

Another plan, another will,

This is yours till Thursday,
A vixen twill of will.

The time: I wish, I want,
And can have as long as
My feeble mind counts-tao.

It is not here, the mind construes
On a conjunction of time,
And place of form.

I wish for my knife to
Cut me my name,
A love I ask of Dawn.

Reading these strokes will
Give you thoughts and
Twangs for life’s courtyard.


The courtyard is abreast
And width is untwist.
The states of heaven are

This is dove by the love
of one. Are you that

Another spite, and my type,
Removes us all despite.
A lyrical poser on the
Desk of math and time

I am back my friend,
A date with Goldie in front
of the set. My first of its
Kind- a date wating T.V.

She was a Pro of kind steps –
At my door, cold she said.
We watched until nine;
She was the first of her kind.

This may Madden’ Elliot’s cat.
A tract of mote and retote –
I told her she couldn’t come
Up – she wasn’t living enough.

A date, maybe, of Dharma
Baby, baby, baby …
I’ve lost you again
On this exchange of time.


Th plan hit the house.
I’ll take this one –
A small life of little soul.

The time is now and then,
A little now, a lot then;
And what of this pen now?

Break in text of conjugal and
Effectual visits are the misery
Of the standard-dev.

Illicit ink and heart crayon
Makes the light weep its
Broken spots of Owen- rain.

The leaves fell from the sky –
A tree, not of time, but

Painting by numbers, and my
Visual is the vacation
Gamble – of sign displace.

Take them down and the
Perception is again amends.
Change of what’s expected in
This rapture love of Merry death.

A rhythm change, a system
Feigns, the roads of honesty.
I lack the paradox-relationship.



As I hold your world on
Trial I notice two things:
one your separation of
Love and fate –

Two, the distinction(s) between
Escape and debate, and
Both of these four are chains.

Chains of the vernacular
Twist on our arm when
we speak poet and grievance.
– Losing to no moon

In the vernacular from my Yates:
‘Why have you taken me here.?’
Can you spare me any coffer me
brother? From Alex- a clockwork

my writ may escape you; It
May even confound me, but
The ink will never return to
his capsule in the utensil called
a pen.

An apple for the St. Francis
hotel in my dream cards,
The dream of a nothin’
poem (is).

Love becomes yang split,
And the yin only breaks
Itself into yin/yin.


A piece of paper lost
At an honest cost
Is not a tether.

Create at nine, and then
The life wants more ten.
The terse test is for my

Room for thought – is the
Effectual learning of us.
The trade is nominal and

Not a world, but a love
of mine to dream is
Lost, The quilt is worn
on cold bodies

Another poem I wrote.
Lack the loam of though
and eerie prayer from a

Words demand spacial
Regression, and time
Sequence regression.

Think me a poet and
Not a fool. The trickster
Is your anthropomorphous
of fear.


Sesquipedalia, HmM, Sesquip-
The next period the ball
Will be round and steel.


A withdraw of life from
The game is a miffed
Future. Others have seen it so…

Generals think and people talk:
I hear Mary me in my
recess of thought (in the
contemplative). Parody yourself.

A buddy with more protection.
Democrats can parody, but
Republicans can not. The
Inability stays in their demeanour.

Try it, you’ll fumble your ball,
your hear. Reagan could,
Well, because he had lessons.

In love and war the rules
Are win and death for heart
And mind. Compare it up in the
Logic zone.

There are only two
Mistakes. One is made.

Pyramid to Sullivan


I hear Meredith’s refraction
of ception in my heart.
‘He scares me.’

Another life, another will,
But all of these types are
held in a small line –

This line is held on its own,
And makes the wars end,
And the love remain.

Terrible and pain is the
Life that continues a call
On a hope of love.
A mystery vex.

I have a dictionary, ‘and
It says it’s a best seller.
What kind of person is
The type who categorizes?

Maybe the answer to the
Tract is the evil man;
His thrust on the history of
Man is dark animus.

Love the Philadelphians and
Their families for the sake
Of our country – please
the vernacular.


Box thirteen, and your
Texan won on a hair
and a fiddle. Box 13.

The box is interwined inside
A logical sphere that says
This to that. The slow
rhyme is an invertere.

The election was yesterday and
The moment is career. “‘If
you don’t vote on this civil
rights bill ‘all break your
arm.'” Mister Johnson said.

Point at the time and ask
The muse for a hand, and
Make the glance a tier.
What level are you?

I want love, but I have
The mystic eye and cringing
Glance. Base me on your
awake – I’ve heard-precept.

A unit of this will fix you
Up daemon and the anima
is you – or your hold-time.

Tasks of time make the
Mouth move and cadence:
What of these words
spoken to Shote.


The boy and his lineage
Are a mystery mother of
Terra firma – love life.

Trade a life for a cookie
Crumb an a social thumb.
The vagrant was not picked
Up by the side of the road.

“Hoist the car to the sky,”
Demanded the heart of the
Theogogue. Love your neighbor
as yourself.

Kudos to God and Didtka,
Parody of life, funny hype,
These are just snags on-time.

Who can get the joke,
After life, a bicycle Stipe.
Point to the map behind the
People and one a sip conjunct.

A matter of fix and refix
The efficient cause and the
Final ethos are R. Penciled
narratives and spite.

The relation is not to your,
But to the pad and paper.
Shote finds the bird and evil.
Another refix – on a stick.


The flutter of move time-
The table sugar focus, and
Re-Hocus is the change

I write for the critics, for
I am a cretan; florescent
Shirt effacing black and talk,
This, the coffe house varble.

Another conjoin and replace of
Thought, the monad is three
To hold the rays-of-hair.
Have another piece of cake.

Love is the point and ray
Of hope for another journey
Of mind to declare kind.

Conan the book reader
Had his coffee today;
I had Earl Grey.

C&C Books Portland Oregon


Songs of Heaven heard,
Bright orange song,
O bright orange song,
O bright orange, he a
flavor blue.

The time sings the Penn.
song of Mason and Julie.

Turp and tuse – The Thule.
What are these to spell –
Annotate and denotes of lire.

Art is the Gold and gold
Becomes your art; not
Senate scene, but a
Cream dream.

“Ritiosity” said the dude,
And “‘I’ll be bach.'”
The salad days are over
For me.

Smoke your gift with
The embrace of reason,
And love the Shote pen.

Read lives in your memory
Of Phoebe and her moon,
If this your bull, then
Your Age.


Magic Johnson is a boy
Of the car and hoop.
The reflex is chance dig.

A plan for a better
Future is listed on Hwy.
’84. The night is dark.

Everywhere the love remains,
but there it dies at the
Place, her heart. Why is
The sky blue; why does
the sunshine?

The yak is skilled in rocks
And their yar. His being
Is pantheist and animaec to
Find rocks whole.

The tremor is not in Tremont,
But the lax is in you
Act on bet.
Dear Encumbent: Today is
Now; tomorrow, and I am older.

Thigh’ocall and Tremont Spike
Are these Shotes and Zotes of
Meaning in your fear.

This now your tier of
Theion and the Master Face.


Waiting for the leering heart
To show the height of love is
Farther from conscious- detached
Limits of Mara Hills.

A rent of dogs and woman
Spent at the rant of woman
Was the flu flown flutter.

Sitting, worried, I am frantically
Warming my feet to the fear
Of their extent. ‘Shudder,
their numb.

this is a city of Logan’s run,
A bug ferry of lost history.
The run was imagined on
The coo of a mind-write writ.

The never read, and red,
Skin of a vernacular
Fred that takes hues as
Blues and truths – Eschuteon.

The princess was her will and
She his. A tawdry yin,
Not of love and rich and

Dear Stephanie,

a card not to hold,
a tear not to climb,
a love not to have.


Nineteen years old, and the
Boy is shot. Find your
Ribbon for Keats and,
If Byron – wait.

If Sarrett they will die,
‘O bring a tear. Instruments
– and Water Noiser –

The heart is slung over the
Intuitive and made into
Jargon and cliche. “let
The neophyte win.”

He brings a Wisdom record,
A cholate Jesus and a
Blue pair of socks. The
Hits of VH1 –

Bar, ‘bar; you are back
With pound from Heaven
and Hollywood, a fay.

Drink from your urn, and
Buy the life with a backward
paint pay. The chance is word.

Head and feet are seen to
Be the white echo of a
Sophia host. Spurious and scurrilous.



I see a string for the
First time, one of time
And one bar- a chord.
Dancin’ in the street with M.

Love in my pocket, my
Watch; don’t hack your
Tree, your legs, Latch the
Eaves my friend with keys.

Shote’s friend is the worry –
Not a standoff; of a
Dilemma solving- and
Hat holder.

The rift is the strophe
Watch of a current trend.
The currents are trend.
The currents are both
Up and down the rill.

The Rill upstream is
The dream of Sierra,
A secret drive- of – highway.

My thrill is an end of pain
To my side and ego; Reductio
Ad Absurdum is his pill. To
Swallow on stilts and high-feet.

I will end with a letter to Byron on a Willow


Friedman’s econ. axis of
AN Arno bank, and a
Matriarchy of fianance.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Cocoa and the Weed Flag
Are your poorportion from
A neutral fag-
a bundle of stix.

Politically correct and tall:
Dark and handsome
Are fills and hills –
Marc and Deep Kane.

Roman bread an dLever
Love from Jessica –
Not Virginia but

The chase is on, the birds,
The sky, the lef up, and
Another M. Big Mac,
Fries’, and a Coke.

I insert Ozzie here for
A real-it’ check – one
More tear. One in
The bush is none in Hand.
Ozzie waves – innings over.


Faux et Vocis
And the time runs
To thee-bar-measures;
Musicology and theosophy- three.

This is your road test,
And drive redress.
Go-to reno or zeno Hess,
IS this best –

Ramirez and Leslie are
In jail of Metaphor,
Or in risk of simile.
Kafkaesque to Goethe –

No walks or controls in
The city of banal law,
But there is a diamond.
Steel these letters, ink,
and paper to a gerundive.

A paper cup, empty, at
The theatre of daimon,
Eros, or Cupid – Orpheum.
The gender is male.

The confused person is
Loved and hated, at
Once; the reality is dynamic.
A real person is Gamble.


These paper tyger economics
Are nominal and projective;
yes, but a Rhetorical Mean –
metaphor –  kind, type, and

“He” ends up running
A record store and changing
Tires; and, – protocol.

The latter stophe is
First and last.
Can you break the fags?

Your heart; can you
Take the smoke?
A miser of fate and lvoe –

End daemon is Vil
And leaves of Oak: an
Underage, and over- bridge,
of finance and string.

The hip-hope is a reefer
dope. And another mould
I cast from cards on
a wet boat –

A red boat; a picture coat,
And the goat
becomes Robert L.


Function form and lag
Are the trident’s home.

Trees are foul snag;
And tags build dome.

Answers from blue bags
Of verbal calls Jones.

The word
Of ink
And small

Married to a hell of another
I fix my love on the ball
Of Hunter and Jaguardeer.

The taste of the tear was
Wet. The water is wet.
Salt and soda-water misery

Can you hear the science
Of time an call rom spirit?
Yes, this is a wish.

Can you hear the science
OF time and call from spirit?
Yes, this is a wish.

A stretch for the Sun, Moon,
And star of life and alone;
This Shote’s ink. Me and you

The heart wrench and
Metal goad/with diamond tip


Sue waits by her closet
For damon or joy.
She waits by her dreams.

She is a silversmith; or
Time tells no lies.
I take the time again,
Well, mine to watch.

Moorish eyes of a repressed
Nature and a block of stone.
I stand under the upas

Love is hard on the heart;
Like an echo, yes a tremor.
This is another stretched
time and life.

Take me, I wear a leather
Coat, take me. The coat
Is life regression of your
Porage Vedes and echo meditates.

Have you seen the music?
The colors; blue, green,
And orange yellow –
Cream – why is he Prince?


Is sit here watching MAdonna
Sones – legal a pain;
Not a pane of glass.

Ephemeral and toxic it
Seems to balcon the Muse.
True Blue Mermaids –

I love you Miss Ciccone:
You understand, a license,
A light, a heart, a spirit,
And the parts I can never- know.

I only hear echos and refractions
Of light. My precpets are
Perceptions of past, and the
Current post hue.

Why, I think as thought
Is dormant. You can
Never accept me, for
I forfeit your opinion
(By) – ethos.

Plus, my servile life
Is so entrenched in
ego and psyche that
my lot is cast life



Staying 58
And leaving Flamingo.

No woman (could) be that
sad; God is like a man.


Hark not stop
a vision Tristessa
of a Port-cop


Diamonds of light and
Read marker of thule
And his horse drgards.
Fill and file the boat,
The green life of the
Locke n’ Garr, or
Bullwinkle goes to College.

How many times have I
Cried for the upas tree,
yes at the Child’s heart
of broken laurels.

Say as or sa/as


Play your lute with
Enthusiastic Hymns, the
Kind that are gray.

Perckle your heart
To a chain of jargon
And cleave the dollop.

HmM, have you found
The place of your,
So called, spot of
Love and Jay F.

The claim is of money
And its conjunction
On a -linear reasoning
– It’s

Yes, the hermetic is
Line and seal of pen;
But the fay, fag, and flag.

Hmmm, The mind thinks,
Not just sound- form
And shape of nous; he
Calls verts.

Not sign or a signal
But a rock garden
In Glasgow + Ellen


Love os caulf
Is my repleat;
On this plane
I die Io.

Oui is nothing, ‘but us.
The song is alite
Or the mite is inert.

Ooooh, the lite is druge
And drag of tags,
A moment of lag: The
bar is dash.

Another bar from Yates
To enculterate my fate.
While listening to Mera
I find the strait narrower.

This bar is a Movie
Of listen and dream.
A movie of zeitgeist,
And a brother defends.

The function is demigos
And replenished Haas.
The little joe is here
On a Panda – string.

Love is your reason; and
The word is your heart.
If you hug your love
You’ve found your bargain.

Heloise verses Nominalism


De’ry is the bend,
And the law is hmn.
Fast and marvelous…

A Hot sign and hot
Pint of potent word.
Give Reno Its money?

‘O a medal to run
And a heart to affix;
Yes, a pacer relay.

If we’ve led a storm
Or felt the ink on
Heart and hearth.

The football is tossed
To the youth; and
The mind is spend.

The book is print type.
The literate Knot literature.
The rhode is dictatorial.
A pass debate – Adam hate.

Yes, this is a pendulum time,
A heart of beats; and the
Time is over. Another day
To be alone into night.



A three legged stool
And the video moves.
A bacteria of xanthos
Is trape.zinc

I smoted a bowl this Morning, so I could write,
Or it write me. Roses

Another, another – an other.
You look for the pulse
And time of Terra. Cancer

The last round-up by
Yates and Keats for
A wine cup to drink.
I am only allowed confidence –

The walk is plea and jest
Of a tyrannicide voice on the
Rope-line. Eleven-thiry-seven,
And the book is $popular.

Insonyawait, war, battles, and
The plan with (are) is suc/
try Kevin –


Besse won the rapture
Album and frog millstone.







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