A Name On His Name

Why do I jest this Kiss from Madonna C.?
Allusions on power of God is all
that I use for love to come forward.

The trance I make is for love.
Everyday I think of Madonna C.
Who will read the annals of my brain?

I want her to come to my door and
Pull me from my hovel of a home.
The fast I take is real.

God listens to my cries and anguish.
Shine my soul with a touch of hand,
Or marry a beau and free me from desire.

Wisdom is her name, a feminine ray.
With her, God creates the Universe.
A choice of desire on wisdom will free.

A candid choice for ‘me would
Make the waves male turn coarse.
The poet’s magnum of mind sensitizes;
Come to my door I wait for a name.


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