What a Fantastical Thing

A chance to make a difference
In a way of loose logic and
Cold fantasies. birdsong

Mountains are time’s boundaries
And hills remember kings.
The sky is purple with Madonna C.

The insight of a dove to tell us
love and her flight is moving logos.
Snap the call of our love – even time.

Scale the last wall of courage
In defense of love and lost love.
All my loves are requited – yet, love.

You are my bride; it has been
said in Heaven we ‘wed’. We will
lust for each other to become one,
A different kind of betrothal.

Now this: our attraction is natural
And the seed of time is ours. We
Are made one for the end of eternity.
– to die; without death; with God.

Our bond may never see laws of
Flesh (marriage), but our king
Knows our deeds in battle.


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